Friday, June 10, 2011

Perfect 1st Birthday Presents for Boy or Girl - 2011

 baby's first birthday is such a momentous occasion. When attending a 1st birthday party you should always bring a gift. The first birthday is a great milestone in toys. It is a point where the baby can actually start playing with real toys.  I have listed 4 great toys that would be perfect gifts for a boy or girl. I recommend purchasing the gifts on Amazon if you shop ahead of time. Amazon is a terrific choice because the toys are usually 10-30% lower than Target and you do not have to pay tax or shipping if the order is greater than $25. Below are some of the top birthday gifts for a 1 year old in 2011:

LeapFrog Potsy (Click link to view Amazon page)
The LeapFrog Cook and Play Potsy is the perfect toy for a 12 month old. The manufacturers recommended age is for 12 - 36 months (1-3 years). Potsy is also a learning toy. Potsy has two play modes. The first mode is Cooking. When Potsy is on his Cooking mode he sings songs about stirring, food and nutrition. Potsy comes with cheese, broccoli, tomato, peas and corn. Potsy promotes healthy cooking and eating. The second mode is educational. This option offers learning in colors and counting. Potsy helps kids count to 5 with numerous fun songs. Removing Potsy's lid during either mode teaches kids about opposites, such an on/off and open/closed. Potsy also encourages open-ended pretend play with interactive prompts.

LeapFrog Counting Cake (Click link to view Amazon page)
The LeapFrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake is not only cute and fun for the first birthday but is entertaining for all ages. The manufactures recommended age is 12 months - 5 years. This toy is also a learning toy. The learning skills taught with the LeapFrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake include: counting, pretend play, music and motor skills. The most fun part about this gift is the child can actually "blow out the candles." There is a sensor on the cake that triggers the lighted candles to burn out when someone blogs on the sensor. The child can also choose how many candles to light by clicking on the star button. The balloon button allows the child to choose from a number of fun birthday related songs.  This gift will help any child relive their birthday.

Melissa and Doug Spill and Fill Picnic Basket (Click link to view Amazon page)
This picnic basket is perfect for the younger crowd.  One of its best features is that the fabric play food pieces can be thrown in the laundry if they get dirty. The four colorful pieces are perfect for pretend play and even chewing when teething. The flip-top basket allows the child to practice taking pieces out of the container and filling it back up. This toy helps develop young motor skills. Each piece makes a different noise from a squeak to rattle to a jingle. The sandwich is a fun feature because it pulls apart into 5 different pieces. If your boy or girl loves the picnic basket I also would recommend the Melissa and Doug Sandwich Game.

Cozy Coupe Shopping Cart (Click link to view Amazon page)

The little tikes Cozy Coupe is a classic favorite. This grocery cart merges two great ideas. The grocery cart is perfect for a 1 year old as it will help the child improve their walking skills. It can even be used by a child that cannot yet walk. The cozy coupe is a fun place for the child to put their favorite stuffed animal.

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