Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday Gift for Disney / Pixar Car Lovers

If you are attending a birthday party for a boy between 2-8, chances are the boy loves the Disney / Pixar movie Cars. You can find Cars merchandise everywhere. Disney must be making a killing off this movie. Most Car toys are a huge hit, but I'd like to feature some of my favorites.

Ramone's House of Body Art Color Shifters Playset
Currently $14.87 on
This color shifter set is terrific. Kids love playing with water. This toy is also educational as it can help teach the child colors. Warm and cold water shift the color of the car. My son loves the spray bottle and pushing his cars down the slide into the tub of water. This is also a good toy for outside play or bath time. This set takes just "Color Changer" cars which are sold separately. The set does include a color changing Ramone.
 ***Additional Color Cars sold separately

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